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Lessons from my children, Kyle and Alexis

I'm the proud father of two wonderful children, Kyle and Alexis. Kyle's an energetic six (6) year old boy and Alexis is his equally lively three (3) year old sister; they're both very cute and smart and headstrong.  From time to time, my children will say things - sometimes directly to me or to their mother or others - that gives me pause as a parent.  It's usually something clever or witty but on occasion, it's bad too.  In such moments, I often find myself awestruck by the seemingly guiltless words coming out of their mouths.  Naturally, I've decided to chronicle all of their "wise for their age" utterances in this blog post. Date: 12/13/18 (approximately) Scene: We're in the bathroom; Kyle sits down on the toilet to pee. Me: Why are you sitting down to pee? Kyle: So I don't spill pee everywhere. Lesson: More males should've been taught to sit down to pee; myself included. I must admit though, as a 41-year-old man, that statement