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Shorten the URLs of static resources

You've seen them before... those exceedingly long URLs of static resources on websites.  No?  Well, just view-source on your favorite website or copy & paste the address of a static resource from Google to see the problem for yourself.  Done?  You've probably noticed that the most ubiquitous examples by far are those of images -- many of which have cryptic URLs like " /images/G/01/gno/sprites/nav-sprite-global_bluebeacon-V3-1x_optimized._CB516556901_.png " and " /v/c/assets/navigation/image/drawer-sunwear/21/edee9f4c82.jpg " or even " assets/images/homepage/top/navigation/cart-icon.jpg ".  But the problem isn't limited to just images; there are other media types with exceedingly long URLs too, i.e. video, audio, CSS, JS, etc. When did this trend start? Over the past few years, it seems, the web has Gone Wild with exceedingly long URLs; or, perhaps it's website developers and designers who've gotten lax about their craft.  But wh